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empowEar Audiology

Jul 1, 2021

Take a listen to this empowering, inspiring podcast about CHAMPIONS!  In this podcast I sit down with Julianna Hebert and Andrew Hebert from HearStrong.  HearStrong is a not for profit organization built around recognizing and sharing stories of remarkable individuals with hearing loss in order to empower others to be inspired.  With over 200 champions and counting, HearStrong stories are making a positive impact.  Julianna and Andrew share about how HearStrong got started, the HearStrong champion program, and the Pay it Forward program which allows Champions to give the gift of sound to someone else.  What a ripple effect this organization has!  Listen in and learn how you can nominate a HearStrong champion, be a supporter, or be a part of a servant leadership movement to help others gain the gift of sound.  

Visit and Lemon-aids | HearStrong | Donations for more information, ways to get involved, nominate a HearStrong Champion, and give.