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empowEar Audiology

Feb 18, 2021

Listening Fun!!!  This was the theme and vibe of this interview. Join me as I sit down with Deanna Magda for a vibrant conversation about how to make listening fun when you serve students with hearing loss.  Deanna is a young, committed, creative teacher of the deaf/hard of hearing in New Jersey. She is also advancing her knowledge through working towards her listening and spoken language certification in Auditory-Verbal Education.  She works with children from birth to high school graduation to develop their listening, language, and self-advocacy skills.  In this episode, you will feel her enthusiasm and dedication to serving children with hearing loss.  Her dedication inspired her to create specialized resources, and she shares her amazing creations in her online store (Teachers Pay Teachers).  As an educational audiologist, I am grateful for her creations and know all of you will be too!  

Be sure to visit Deanna’s blog, store, and facebook group!