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empowEar Audiology

Jan 20, 2022

Join me in a conversation with Derek Houston, Ph.D. as we discuss how language impacts children with cochlear implants.  Dr. Houston brings a wealth of information to this topic.  Dr. Houston currently is in the Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery at The Ohio State University College of Medicine where he directs the Buckeye Center for Hearing and Development. His work has focused on the effects of early auditory deprivation and subsequent cochlear implantation on speech discrimination, attention to speech, sensitivity to language-specific properties of speech, word learning, and general cognitive skills in deaf infants and toddlers. In this episode, Dr. Houston discusses a proposed conceptual framework to explain the relationship between language input and language outcomes. TAAC is the idea that total language input directed to children with cochlear implants  is moderated by what is accessible, attended, and coordinated with the child. Take a listen as we take a deeper dive into each of the TAAC components.

For more information about the Buckeye Center for Hearing and Development and also to connect with Dr. Derek Houston, visit the website: